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OREA Requirements

To become a licensed Realtor in Ontario today you need to successfully complete 3 courses (see below) with a minimum pass mark of 75% and at a cost of $1,570.00. The program has been revamped over the years and it does require some thought and application to successfully complete. During the first two years as a licensed Real Estate agent, you are required to successfully complete three additional courses (Articling), which can be applied to the Brokers program, in order to renew your license. The goal of the Ontario Real Estate Association today is to have new graduates well equipped to deal with this ever-evolving and more complex profession.

Pre-Registration Requirements

You have 18 months from the start of the first course to complete this segment.

In the Pre-registration Segment of The Salesperson Registration Education Program, you will complete the courses required to become eligible to apply to the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) for your initial registration as a salesperson. The courses must be completed in order, as follows:

Real Estate as a Professional Career

Real Estate as a Professional Career is offered in the Classroom and by Correspondence or e-Learning, allowing students to proceed independently. This course introduces basic real estate concepts, details the Salesperson/Broker relationship, explains market dynamics, and includes various mathematical calculations.

Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading

This course examines detailed statutory requirements, accepted trading practices, and technical requirements concerning representation relationships. This program is available through correspondence, e-Learning and classroom instruction (a 60-hour course).

The Real Estate Transaction – General plus either: The Residential Real Estate Transaction or The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

These courses will provide a detailed overview of the real estate transaction, from listing agreement through to the final sale. Students in the Pre-registration Segment of the program must complete The Real Estate Transaction–General and either The Residential Real Estate Transaction or The Commercial Real Estate Transaction. The remaining course must be taken during the Articling Segment.

The e-Learning and Correspondence study methods are available for The Real Estate Transaction–General only. The e-Learning/Correspondence portions are followed by 40 hours of Classroom study. Students may also select an 80-hour class that includes both the Real Estate Transaction–General and The Residential Real Estate Transaction or The Commercial Real Estate Transaction.